Panorama Hills Estates FAQ’s

1.  What physical area is covered and what is the mandate for PHEHA (Panorama Hills Estates Homeowners Association)?

The Primary areas covered are:

Two signs on NE and NW corners of Panorama Hills Blvd and Country Hills Blvd (across from Petro-Canada/McDonalds) and their associated grounds.

One sign on NW corner of Panorama Hills Blvd and Panorama Hills Drive and its associated grounds. Ten plus other smaller signs located on Homeowners’ properties. General upkeep, improvements and maintenance of the landscaped areas.

Our mandate is: To service the primary areas that designate that we are “Panorama Hills Estates”.

Costs include but are not limited to:

  • landscaping, upgrades, and maintenance of Association owned property and signage
  • taxes and insurance on the properties
  • utility bills for the lights and water
  • accounting and lawyer fees for the Association
  • costs related to getting information out to homeowners
  • annual general meeting related costs
  • auditor for the financial statements
  • general Association business, invoicing, and collection


2. General Questions about the Association and the collection of fees.


 How are the directors of the Association elected?

At the Annual General Meeting, volunteers step forward and offer their assistance. We highly welcome new volunteers. The only qualification is that you must be homeowners in good standing within the Panorama Hills Estates.
Why are there no contact phone numbers?
This association consists of individual homeowner volunteers. As such, it would be unjust to publish our phone numbers as it is unfair to our employers (if work numbers were given out) and our families (if home numbers were given out). Our contact is through the Canada Post, our direct mail box slot on our shed at the same address, ( but this is only checked regularly during our invoicing period ), and by e-mail:
What is the annual fee?
The current annual fee is $100 plus GST as approved and voted on at the 2005 AGM, covering from January 1st to December 31st. This fee has no upper limit and will be adjusted as needs and costs warrant. All increases are approved and voted on at the AGM.
When was GST included in the Fee?
The Panorama Hills Estates Homeowners Association charges GST in accordance with a CCRA ruling on HOA dues and has since 2006. For the 2006, 2007, and 2008 years, GST was included in the annual fee in an effort by the Executive to ease in the annual rate increase seen in 2006. In 2009 GST was added to the annual fee resulting in a base rate of $105. GST #: 870595816
Can we pro-rate our payment?
No, as the homeowner you are responsible to pay the full amount.
We just moved in and got a bill?
The Association fees are the entire responsibility of the current homeowner including all past years outstanding. Your lawyer should be clearing the encumbrances on the title when title is transferred in order to allocate fees to the appropriate homeowner. The Association is not notified about new homeowners and lawyers are not forced to notify the Association, hence the current homeowners difficulty. For smooth invoicing, please notify the Association of your name when you move in.
Can I get a receipt?
Please use your cancelled cheque as your receipt. An administration fee will apply for all other receipts.
Can we pay with cash?
Only if you are comfortable sending cash in the mail or dropping it in the Association’s mail box. Please note that your post-dated cheque is your receipt, which you will not have if you pay with cash. As an added option, we have included Paypal at no additional cost to the user.
Are the fees tax-deductible?
No they are not. As we are simply a non-profit organization (not a charitable organization), these are not tax deductible.
Do you have the legal right to tax me?
The annual fee is not a tax. The fee deals with an agreement (called an encumbrance) that was in your home purchase agreement when you transferred and signed the title on your property. In other words, it is something you agreed to when you bought your home. The exception to this is area 1a, please see below for details.
Which of the phases share the cost?
All the phases (with the exception of phase 1a) share the cost. Homeowners in Phase 1A do not have the encumbrance registered on your properties and therefore you do not have any legal requirement to pay these fees. Please check your land title documents. These homeowners are still more than welcome to be part of this Association and offer to pay these fees, as they do benefit from the Associations efforts as well.
The builders benefited from these signs. Why didn’t they pay?
Both the builders and the developer did pay initially. However, maintenance and upgrades are needed and we benefit from these signs as the “estates” designation differentiates us from our neighbors and results in higher values for our homes.
What about the little signs throughout our community (mostly at the corners)?
The maintenance of the signs themselves is PHEHA’s responsibility. The bushes and plants around these signs were donated by the developer and now belong to the individual homeowners. They are responsible for the maintenance of these bushes and plants as they see fit. The Association, with the Homeowners’ approval, may tend to these landscaping needs as applicable.
We live at the eastern edge of the Estates, and we don’t even see the signs as we enter a different way. Why are we still paying for signs we don’t see?
Unfortunately, the signage locations were determined by the developer and are not changeable. However, we are looking at the possibility of putting up signs at the east end.
Can we see a copy of the budget and/or a copy of audited books?
These will be available at the AGM and posted on our website under the Business section.
What does your PHEHA mandate not cover?
It does not cover fences, painting, road issues (i.e. snow removal), landscaping on city property, garbage not on Association property, community association buildings, nor anything else that is not listed in our mandate in question 1. Should we decide as homeowners to alter that mandate, then that would need to be discussed at the AGM.
As your Homeowners Association, we have been charged with the responsibility, on your behalf, of caring for these properties. By agreeing (and signing off when you bought your property) to the encumbrance on your property, it is our understanding that you have given your permission for us to have your information. This information is only shared with outside parties as legally required.


Snow Removal and City Sanding Services


Does The City of Calgary plow residential streets?

In winter, drive cautiously on residential streets. To keep costs down and save your money, the City does not sand or plow residential streets and lanes except for school zones, playgrounds, hills, curves and slippery intersections. However, if your street or lane is blocked by snow, please phone the City at 311.

City of Calgary – Snow and Ice Control Policy

Where can I get free sand for my sidewalk?

To make your sidewalk safer, you can take up to 50 pounds of sand from the public boxes at the following North West Street Maintenance compounds and Fire Stations:

North West Street Maintenance Compounds:
North West Fire Stations


Traffic/Block Party Permits


How do I get a traffic-related permit?

For block party permits, street use permits, etc. contact Traffic Assessment by e-mail at or call 311.


Who do I call regarding Traffic Enforcement?

If you are concerned about traffic problems in our community, you can contact the City of Calgary Police Services at (403)266-1234.




How do I request for an area to be zoned as playground?

Contact Traffic Assessment with the location, the type of sign or zone you’re requesting and your name (or that of a contact person). Your request will be assessed. To make a request or for more information, contact Traffic Assessment by e-mail at or call 311.


Where are playgrounds currently located within the community?

Panorama Hills Estates currently has playgrounds or parks at:




Fence Painting Program

Although the Panorama Hills Estates Homeowners Association is not responsible for maintaining fences within the community, we will coordinate and work with community residents to establish a Painting Program. The Association will request residents volunteer to both raise funds and participate in painting the fencing that is visible, particularly on our main arteries.

Areas suggested for this project thus far :
  • Fence along Panorama Hills Blvd between Country Hills Blvd and Panorama Hills Drive.
  • Fence behind sign located on NW corner of Panorama Hills Blvd and Panorama Hills Drive.

To volunteer for this program, please write to us at and provide your name, phone number, and which portion of the project (fund raising/painting) you would like to volunteer for. Thank you!


What is the Adopt-A-Park Program?

Adopt-A-Park is a volunteer program through which you can help maintain and care for green spaces, parks or flower beds in your community. For additional information, e-mail Adopt-A-Park at or call the Volunteer Coordinator at (403) 221-4665.


Who do I call regarding Weed Control?

To report a weed problem in the community, please call the City of Calgary at 311 or e-mail .



Who do I call regarding Animal Issues?

If you have any comments or concerns regarding problem pets or irresponsible pet owners in the community, please consult the City of Calgary web site: Responsible Pet Ownership. You may also contact Amanda Stuhl, the district Special Constable for Animal and Bylaw Services at

March 2018 information regarding Coyotes


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