Legal Information for buying or selling a home in Panorama Hills Estates

1. The Panorama Hills Estates Homeowners Association executive board members are volunteers, but its' accounting service is not, and we are charged  for each inquiry regarding the status of a member's account.  As such, to recover this cost, please be advised that there is a $50 plus GST administration charge for providing information about the status of a Member's account.

2 All fees remain the responsibility of the current homeowner and must be discharged prior to the sale of the property. 24% interest per annum is applicable for overdue accounts, as are all legal fees associated with collection. All accounts however, MUST be verified with the Association for any amounts payable.

3. The owner of the home is legally responsible for paying all outstanding fees. Please pro-rate the fee between the seller and the purchaser to reflect the number of months lived in the home. Please note that PHEHA does not accept pro-rated payments. This must be done between the buyer and the seller.

4. Please e-mail us ( with the name and address of the new purchasers, possession date, and whether this is intended to be a primary residence so we may maintain accurate records.


Please Note: Panamount addresses are in the Genstar phase of Panorama Hills, and are not part of
Panorama Hills Estates. You can contact the Panorama Hills e-Community Center at:

88 Panamount Hill NW
Calgary, AB T3K 5R9

Daniel Legaspi, Accounts Receivable